Christopher Hogue's Research

Christopher W.V. Hogue, Ph.D. (Biochemistry)
Principal Investigator
Computational Biology/Bioinformatics,
Molecular Assembly, 
Structure and Evolution.
Twitter: @cwvhogue

Updated 1 July 2013.
NEW NOTICE:  The NUS Hogue Lab at the National University of Singapore is closed.
Requests for summer studentships/internships/postdoc applications should be sent elsewhere (see Singapore Bioinformatics Labs).

TraDES-2  Now Open Source. -  Visit FTP Site to Download

NEW Pre-pub Armadillo-2 Hosted at Biotechnology Processing Institute.
Source code will be in the next release of TraDES.

PDF Files attached at bottom of this page.
  • TraDES Related Work

    • Liu Chengcheng (Ph.D. Defended)
      • New Methods to Study Proline-Rich Disordered Regions and their Structural Ensembles in Protein Signaling Pathways.
      • (Defended: PDF file 121201_LiuC_Thesis_Final.pdf)

    • Xiang Wen Wei (MSc. Candidate)
      • Simulation of Auto-Inhibition Effect in Measles Virus NTail Protein with its Binding Partner XD.
      • (Submitted: PDF file 130222_Wenwei_Msc_Thesis_Complete.pdf)
  • Molecular Assembly, Complexity and Evolution

    • Zhang Bo (Ph.D. Candidate)
      • Towards a Consistent Chronology To Explain the Evolution of the Ribosome.
      • (Submitted: PDF file 130103_Zhang Bo_Thesis_Complete.pdf)

    • Asfa Alli Shaik (Ph.D. Candidate)
      • The Unique Phylogenetic Distribution of Vault Particles Reveals its Functional Roles.
        (Submitted: PDF file 130330_Asfa_Thesis_Complete_cwvh.pdf)


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