This website is a life-sciences research wiki hosted on Google Sites and managed by Christopher Hogue.
Brief History:  Between 1997-2007 the Hogue Laboratory (Blueprint.org)  was located at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto where we developed BIND and other bioinformatics resources.  Dr. Hogue was affiliated with the University of Toronto as a non-tenure track Associate Professor.  Facing funding and staffing cutbacks in 2005, the intellectual property amassed by the group was sold by Mount Sinai Hospital & founders to Thomson-Reuters Scientific in March of 2007. 

In 2007-2013 Dr. Hogue moved to Singapore as a contract faculty member in Southeast Asia's Premiere Research University - the National Unviversity of Singapore. Ph.D theses arising from this work are posted at the bottom of the homepage.

In August 2013 Dr. Hogue relocated to Vancouver to work for Joyent as an industry Data Scientist.

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