Building the NCBI C Toolkit and Applications on Windows

Organizing your Build Platform

Windows XP Pro SP3.0

Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2008  

Install and Set Visual Studio to use Visual C++ as default environment in MSVS 2008.  Students can get free copies of MSVS 2008 and other developer tools with student login validation from the Microsoft site

If you enjoy UNIX commands, would like to use them and do not want to install CYGWIN (which can be cumbersome) try these native Windows compiled GNU utility programs 2011 link is broken but
this is attached below as a zip file for download...
The attached file:
shows how to install UnxUtils and set them into a directory on the PATH. 
Programs in this set include tar and gunzip so you can open the source code files.
Step 1. Download NCBI C, C++ toolkit and thirdparty packages

Dowload the *.exe files - these are self-extracting archives for Windows.
NCBI C toolkit:
Third party packages:  

Note: the NCBI distribution of ThirdParty Packages had OLD stuff... like MySQL v3.x, which we are not going to use.
Put these files to a local directory and unzip them.
Step 2. Build the NCBI C toolkit FIRST
Load the solution file  
into MS Visual Studio 2008.
SET the BUILD Target as follows:
Select the Visual Studio BUILD Menu, and option
Your choices are:
DEBUG (This is the Visual Studio Default)
DEBUG DLL (Dynamic Libraries in Debug Mode)
RELEASE DLL (Release Libraries in DLL Form)
Click Build -> Build all to compile everything with the RELEASE target settings.
Click Build -> Build all to compile everything with the DEBUG target settings.
Run the install.bat script file to copy the *.lib and *.h files to their normal locations  

The 32 static library files are put in the $NCBI\Release or $NCBI\Debug directory:

asntool.exe       ncbiacc.lib       ncbimmdb.lib      netcli.lib
blast.lib         ncbicdr.lib       ncbinacc.lib      netentr.lib
blastapi.lib      ncbicn3d.lib      ncbiobj.lib       regexp.lib
blastcompadj.lib  ncbicn3d_ogl.lib  ncbispel.lib      vibgif.lib
ddv.exe           ncbidesk.lib      ncbithr.obj       vibnet.lib
ddvlib.lib        ncbiid1.lib       ncbitool.lib      vibrant.lib
medarch.lib       ncbimain.lib      ncbitxc2.lib      vibrant_ogl.lib
ncbi.lib          ncbimain.obj      netblast.lib      xconntest.lib

The applications readseqs and demovib are compiled in the attached powerpoint.  The slides show how to create a new build project, how to extract the proper libraries from the UNIX makefiles, and how to sort out any errors that occur with *.h files.
For this you need to download exactly the same source code used before:
readseq.tar.gz from the main course page attachments and
vibrant_demo.tar.gz from the Demovib page attachments.
BUILDING WITH CYGWIN (Unix Commands for Windows).
Cygwin is a Linux/Posix emulation layer running on Windows.
Install Cygwin from
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